Friday, March 2, 2012

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Every girl need to put her things in a place, but the question is where can i find storage bargain and subs for makeup, scarfs, and beauty care.

We all want to find things to put in our nick-nacks. As a mom and also a home maker, i try my best to be in budget with everything.

One of the things i had issue with is storing my hijabs (scarfs). I didn't have enough dresser drawer to store approx. 50+ scarfs. So i started asking around my friends what is the best but budget friendly hijab (scarf) organizer.

I came across this product....

Ikea Komplement Multi Use Hanger Tie Belt Scarf Closet Organizer ($7.99) 

You can hang it in your closet or in the back of your door with a hanging door hook. It is also versatile, you can use it to organize other clothing item which can fit in the holes. A great way to organize and free up space.

For those of you who want a bit more style to your scarf hanger, check out Bed, Bath & Beyond's two cute scarf hanging organizer.

Bed, Bath & Beyond. Price: $9.99

Bed, Bath & Beyond. Price: $7.99

One other issue we also have is storage for my makeup and beauty products (i.e. hair products, skin care, makeup brushes, etc).

One great idea which i found was from several YouTube guru's videos, which is using desk organizer items.

I found these desk organizer at Marshalls for the low price of $25 i got four set of desk organizer. They where a bit expensive because they are decorative type of desk organizer, but you can find less pricey one which are less decorative if you don't care for that. 

Pens & Pencil holder. Price: $3.99 @ Marshalls (Used for my makeup brushes as holder) 
Pens, Pencils, business cards, etc holder. Price: $7.99 @ Marshalls (Used to hold my mascara, little eye shadow palettes, and concealers)

Multipurpose desk organizer. Price: $7.99 @ Marshalls (Used to hold my hair products,  perfumes,  skin care, etc.)

Letter Holder. Price: $5.99 @ Marshalls (Used to hold my eye shadow palettes and blush palatte)
Sometimes all you need look around in order to find something that is use and affordable.

For those of you who like to display their makeup or who have individual makeups, you may be able to make something call a Makeup Magnet frame. 
You can find set by set tutorial at laurathoughts

This is more so a DIY project which might be budget friend if you know where to get items to create this.

what you need:
1. Frame (can be found at the thrift store or flee market for dirt cheap). You can opt out of this if you wish
2. Sheet of metal that can fit in the frame (can be found at your local hard ware store)
3. You can either use fabric or wall paper to cover around the sheet of metal.
4. Stick on magnets to be placed on the back of the makeup product. 
5. An option to the frame is to paint it to make it look nice if its not nice already.

Voila! you have you very own beautiful makeup display. 

This can also be used to make framed jewelry hanger, replace the sheet of metal to a wire mess metal, get some small hooks to use for hanging your necklaces and use the earring hooks to hook it
You can find set by set tutorial at laurathoughts
Doing projects like this can be fun and frugal.


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