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Guest Blogger: Men's Fashion finds and bargains.

So this past week i told you i was going to have my hubby as a guest blogger to discuss the Men's fashion and what he does to find that bargain with a budget.

Enjoy and i hope you find this insightful regarding this topic

Sniper Deals Is A Part of My Make up...

Greeting a Peace and love,
So it has been a few weeks, I will have to say the weather has been unimaginable, unpredictable as well. One day it is in the 80s next thing you know it is like 45 degrees.
That’s that catch a cold type weather if you know what I mean, knowing the society we live in, people can’t wait until the weather lets lose so does their clothing for some of them.
That’s what brought me here today to blog about how hard it is as guy to find a outfit while having a modest look at the same time representing the Islamic identity,
 likewise in the process at the not spending lots of money while doing so. I have to admit, I have always been into staying modest at the same time doesn’t mean can’t have
flavor, all at budget price. People call it bargains, sales, I like to call it being a Sniper shopper catching deals isn’t a onetime ting it’s a part of my makeup.
 My partner asked me to be a guest blogger on her page to do a piece on Fashion for Muslim Modest Men;
As that use to be a name of one the blogs I managed, that talk about Brothers looking Sharp as well, while keeping an Islamic Identity symbol on top. That’s why as guess blogger
I will try to add some perspective to the wardrobe of M.M.M. Not to sound funny but lots Muslim men don’t care too much to talk about Fashion like their counterparts do. Not sure why,
Maybe it taboo or Muslim brothers feel that putting on a pair a jeans and a shirt is all that’s to it , but sorry to bust your bubble brothers their nothing wrong with dressing up, So long  
The Person beneath the cloths are not being worn by the brand nevertheless You are wearing the cloths”  this is the difference between being Modest and being arrogant. The cloths
may change your body language, so long their self control you don’t let the cloths lead your desires to wrong outlets.  I needed to clear this up in the beginning before negative labeling
would become evident by those whom may quote Hadith about dress type and not imitating the likes curtain groups.
 This why wearing something with your wardrobe to distinguish you is vital, be it internal through mannerism or external through Islamic accessories.      
Ok so being a young man people would think it is so easy to just go out and buy something to put on, but news flashes you would be credited wrong.  I am not the kind brother who just wants to throw on something that looks just like ever body else, no uniqueness to a brand or billboard advertisement.  It is all about looking Modest and not advertising anybody logos on my clothing, unless it’s a symbolic cause. So yes even though some the cloths I may wear are brand name you wouldn’t ever know unless you read the tag underneath. Therefore anything I have bought that’s were brand name in my wardrobe were sniper deals; that are only to be caught once every 6 months or something of that nature.  So base of this you would think man so he doesn’t shop at all, Well you will be wrong again, I may not shop in malls that much, because it takes forever even at outlet stores to find jeans my size at sniper price $ less than 30 dollars.

I know what you may be thinking man that’s not expansive at all, and that is the whole point of this guess blogging I am here to talk about you can look just as nice with not always buying brand name clothing yet quality is just as good because 90% of the time all the clothing are mad overseas any ways; many people are just paying for Name of the jeans or shirts or what have you.  Check the outfit to the side I put together the whole ordeal may be sniping deal for some while others may beg to differ this if you just have to shop for brand name, do it with limited expense .

1.       Ok Boot cut jeans is the only type a jeans you will ever see me in, Sorry to all those bother that starting wearing straight tight or skinny jeans brother that type of jeans are in fact not Modest and dose in fact reveal the owrah “ shape of privet parts”, at Burlington  coat factory after four hour search in outlet mall $ dark blue boot cut jeans for 31 dollars.

2.       Boots from Forever 21 ha ha It was first time ever, I know, I guy buying from Forever 21 to is like a dude looking for a Cowboy jersey in Redskin outlet store ever thing is so small and limited. Price for boots $32 dollars

3.       The neat blazer from Perry Ellis original price $165 dollars, did I pay that much hack no sniper deal $58 dollars. This is stylish at the same time an item ever brother should at least have one of.

4.       Now what put the Islamic twist on it is the T shirt which is not brand name logo but better yet a cause I stand proud of The “Deen” Deen Hard Khaliji. T shirt $ 10 dollars from the local Masjid Al Islam.

Whole Outfit came up to $132 dollars I know people whom buy one pair of jean from Hugo boss for more.

So over all outlet malls are the place to go to find Sniper deals nevertheless I shop online more because it saves time from driving everywhere likewise I can put outfits together for less time and money by the why ask may partner I am such a picky buyer could walk a whole mall knowing exactly that one garment I am looking for and if it doesn’t look right it doesn’t make it back in the trunk of my car. To be modest and picky/ sniper shopper, believe me when I say it is understandable why brother don’t talk about fashion nevertheless Muslim brothers also remember that Cleanness of the body, and Outfits on your body is part on Iman too.

So next time you go shopping think about an outfit you can sniper together, that you can wear with your Kuffee or kufiyah, or beard/ Islamic cause T shirt, that from the outside people will know that they expect just as a pleasant mannerism from the brother that’s rocking that Islamish attire.
                Peace and love.

“Keep your head down for that’s the closes position to Allah” is in sajood

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