Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cooking with UmmHashim Series 1: Somali Malawah (a close version to crepes)

I also have enjoyed cooking things and making my hubby and son learn about my ethnic cuisine. In addition to that, we all know that cooking can also save money. when you cook from scratch sometimes it can cost less than buying it a ready made version of the food. 

Malawax is a famous Somali pancake that is usually eaten for breakfast. It is similar to the famous anjerro, but is usually thinner, softer, sweeter and much more oiley! This pancake is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. It can be made and done around 20-25 minutes.

So i missed eating Malawah (crepes) and last week my mom told me she started making them every Monday as an alternative bread for breakfast. Its sweet and can be eaten with about anything.

In order to make this you need: all purpose flour, granulated sugar, eggs, oil, milk, and water.

You can alter the amount of servings to your desire. I made enough for I, my hubby, and son.


2 cups of All-Purpose floor
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 1/2 cups of water
3/4 cup of sugar
Some salt
1 cup of oil (might need more later on)
2 eggs

Frying pan
Butter knife


Mix the milk,water,egg, salt and sugar together in a blender. Add the flour and blend untill the mixture is pourable (i.e not to thick and not to watery). If you need to, add more water or flour to make sure it can easily pour from the blender. When that’s done, take out a frying pan and put the temperature to high. Bring a cup of oil and place it near you (Using Pan canola oil spray can also be substituted). Use the spoon to add oil all over the frying pan (tiny amount is ideal) and add more onto the center of the pan. Get your mixture and pour it into the center and use the handle of your frying pan to spread the mixture around to make a circle. Use your butter knife to scrap the edges and check if it is golden brown underneath. When the bottom is ready, use the butterknife to scrap the edges and the middle and then quickly flip it over (you can use the knife or your hands but be careful it’s really hot). Once it’s flip, add tiny amount of oil to the sides again and check if the bottom is golden brown. When it is done flip it to a plate nearby you.

Hope you enjoy.

Bon appetit!

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