Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My look: Outfit which i wore for an event.

So this pass weekend, my hubby and i went to Philly to be part of a web launching party for our friend and client Bintu Kabba (

As i said before in several of my posts, i am the type of person to make my own look and keep it budget friendly. After all, it is not the clothes that wears you, it is the person who wears it =) (something i learned from the hubby). Check out this guest post on my blog regarding men's fashion.

Here is my take on fashion at its budget friendliest ...

My dress and Purse: free.$99 (A friend of mines gave them to me)
Cardigan: Marshalls $7.00
Hijab (Scarf): Forever21 $8.00
Shoes (not pictured): Payless $26.00

As you can see, doing clothes swap can safe you a lot of many. I am a mom and a wife and i still clothe swap with my sisters. There is nothing wrong in finding things for free. You just have to find people whom you trust to be able to exchange clothes with and even make it something fun out of it.

This outfit definitely shows my frugality =)


  1. Thank you very much. Im sorry i am replying late. I have been having problems with commenting back on my blog.

    Thank you again.