Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beauty Bargin: Coastal Scents Smokey Palette.

Every girl should have a set of smokey eye shadow, because smokey eyes is versatile and makes you look fierce.

Coastal Scents has a product called Smokey Palette (on sale now for $19.95)

It consist of 36 of your basic but also vibrant colors. 

This is an exclusive product to Coastal Scents: Smokey Palette. It is perfect for creating a dynamic array of unique, colorful smoky eye looks. They are highly pigmented shades. 

The one unique thing about this palette is that it comes grouped into six divisible color spectrums, each with six complementary shades. 
From left to right:

Top Half: 
Section One: Golden oranges, rich browns, and a neutral highlight to create a more natural smoky eye look.
Section Two: Shades of vibrant green, lemon yellow, and deep chocolate brown for an earthier look.
Section Three: Pastel lavender to deep plums for a sultry violet look.
Bottom Half: 
Section Four: Shimmery silvers, matte black, and a sheer highlighter for a more common smoky eye.
Section Five: Lively blues and aqua for an Avant-Garde look.
Section Six: Vivid pinks, iridescent highlighters, and a matte black shade with red sparkles for a vibrant smoky eye effect

I have gave it a run, and i really like all the vibrant colors and even being able to just use one part of one section (i.e instead of using all the sections in Section Four, you can make a look using only three colors). 

The only down side i could say about them is the pots are a bit small. On the website, it looks as though they are bigger but looks are deceiving. 

Would i say it is bang for buck? Yes, because you have several different colors you can work with as a group or mix and match. 

Coastal Scents have done it again. 


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