Friday, March 2, 2012

My makeup for my friends wedding.

So i told you guys last week or maybe the week before, i was cordially invited to my best friends wedding.

Here is a picture of my hubby and I at the reception.

So you if know me, i have to match my eye shadows with my clothes.

As always i used inexpensive products but with good quality.

I primed my eyes first and the i used Wet n Wild idol eyes creme shadow pencil (Distress $1.99) all over my eye lid

I then used NYX eye shadow trio (Aquamarine $7). 

From left to right, I used the first color on 1/3 of my inner corner lid, then used the middle color on 1/3 of the center of the lid and then i used the last color as a smokey effect of my outer corner to my lid. I kept all the colors just around my lid area and used a mate brown on my crease to make it the darker color blended seamlessly into my crease and go rid of harsh lines. Finished it off with mate nude color on my brow bone.

If you are working with bright shimmer colors on your lid, you want to always have an ombre effect from lid to the brow bone with a neutral color because you don't want to have too much eye makeup. 

Here is a picture of a good use to bright color with the ombre effect (i.e. My take or this one)
Another example

You want to avoid too much color all over your eyes. A terrible way of the use of too much color on the eye lid is Mimi from Drew Carey show =).


The lesson here is keep color around your eye lid and use the ombre effect to diffuse color and make it seamless and smooth transition.


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