Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautifying Should break bank

Bang for your Buck on Eye Shadow

Every time you hear anything about quality eye shadows, automatically people say Mac. But the problem with Mac is how much it cost, a WHOPPING $15 per eye shadow. Who in their right mind can afford that, unless you are a Pro-makeup artist or a YOUTUBE Guru, i say avoid it. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who can't afford a $15 tag price for one eye shadow.

You can finally rest in peace in finding your basic neutral colors at Coastalscents

This company have eye shadows which are as good as Mac eye shadows.  Each eye shadow can be a dupe to a Mac shadow, but for the price of one Mac shadow, you can get 28 palettes from Coastal scents. 

The Mac eye shadow names on the 28 neutral Palette. 

Some of their products are exclusive to them, like their Hot Pots, but some of their palettes can also be bought on Ebay because they come from Chine. However, it is better to get from them because if you order it from Chine per say, you have to pay shipping which is as much as you are paying buying the product from coastal scents. 

On later post i will a tutorial on this eye shadows. So stay tuned =)


Disclaimer: is not giving any compensation for talking about this product. It is of my own opinion.


  1. makeup is my bargain go-to thing. I ready for more posts ;)

    1. inshallah, there will be more posts coming =)

  2. Gurl, I FEEL you!!! M.A.C is nice, don't get me wrong - but the prices are outrageous!! The same goes for Bobbi Brown and Chanel. I'm all for beauty on a budget. I haven't tried Coastal Scents, but I do use a lot of Cover Girl, e.l.f, Rimmel London, Maybelline, and NYC - so I get it.

    1. Yeh i also use drugstore products. I have read from so many places that say Coastal Scents products are consider the best dupes to MAC eye shadow products.

      Follow the sister to be in the loop.

      love yah,